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Xycrobe Wins First Annual Jumpstart Grant for California

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Thomas M. Hitchcock, Ph.D.
Xycrobe Therapeutics, Inc.

Xycrobe Wins First Annual Jumpstart Grant for California

La Jolla, California, 12/10/15  – 

The California Life Science Association (CLSA) announced this Thursday, during its Annual Fellows Meeting, that Xycrobe Therapeutics, Inc (Xycrobe) is the recipient of the first ever Jumpstart Grant for California co-sponsored by PharmaDirectons and CLSA. This grant provides the awardee services providing “a detailed, comprehensive and well-conceived development plan” which will assist the company in its overall regulatory strategy. Xycrobe will be the sole recipient of the grant for the 2016 term.

“One of the major hurdles for a biotech startup when developing a novel therapy is determining the appropriate regulatory pathway that is involved in order to eventually attain FDA-approval,” says Thomas M. Hitchcock, Ph.D., the Founder and CEO of Xycrobe. “This is especially true when it is one of, if not the first of its kind. This grant and the expertise provided by PharmaDirections will be invaluable for Xycrobe, and allow us to confidently move forward with the right trajectory.”

Xycrobe’s current focus is on inflammatory skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis and dermatitis. These conditions affect over 100 million people in the US alone, and are not effectively addressed by the therapies currently on the market. Xycrobe seeks to address this large need through their development program that utilizes the human microbiome as a means to deliver biotherapeutics.


Xycrobe Therapeutics, Inc. is the developer of an innovative, microbial-delivery-system platform technology that can distribute an array of biotherapeutics directly to target tissues, to substantially improve health and quality-of-life. Leveraging the vast amount of data being generated from human microbiome research, Xycrobe is currently developing novel therapies for a variety of clinical applications. Xycrobe is currently a resident company at JLABS San Diego. For more information, please visit


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